Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Time flies!!! Last week he turned 16! Such an awesome amazing guy, I hope all his dreams come true. He is the most kind caring kid I know. Last Christmas he donated all his Christmas money. This year they are all wishing for a wii so I guess he has different plans this time around. He always makes sure everyone has all the food they want before he takes seconds. It is so hard to believe how different kids are even though they are raised the same. I love all four of them and their differences but I have high hopes that FT will be as sweet as him! For his birthday he wanted balloons and a cookie cake...they all had a blast with the balloons. He said he never knew they could be so much fun!! They took them out and had balloon wars and tried to find different ways to pop them. Lots of laughter and fun!! For dinner he had a veggie pizza from his favorite place..Charlie's!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Before I forget...

I must write about the Jack in the Box!
DH wanted to go to Little Rock Saturday to buy head phones and a game he couldn't find around here so after dropping one boy off for a field trip the rest of us tagged along for the ride. He dropped me and FT off at Michaels (we don't have one in town so I was looking forward to it!!!) I saw a really cute Jack in the Box that played a Christmas tune, an elf jumped up and said Merry Christmas! I showed him how it worked and warned him that something would jump up out of the box...I wasn't sure if he would like it or be scared..well, he was excited!!! I want that box!! To be truthful I wanted that box too! So we picked one out that had a penguin in it, I put him in the cart with it and he started doing it..over and would pop up and back in it would go for another round... But then he started to really look at it strange, then he got a really sheepish look on his was too funny! I had to call his dad to tell him all about it...he couldn't stop doing it but he seemed to be getting really worried about it..then it popped up and he cried!!! OHmygosh poor babe! Being the good mommy I rescued him from the evil box and put it back on the shelf...being the bad mommy I laughed and was too funny!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

More from the maze!

Better late than never?

These are not the best shots but here is what we loved!! Climbing on hay bales....their favorite! FT loved the corn bin he wanted to take his socks and shoes off!! The corn cannon was a blast!! You put your corn in, pushed it down with a stick, then pulled the lever to shoot it...some went really far!! It was hooked up to an air compressor and it just depended on how much pressure built up. Loved it! Hope to go back next year.

Friday, November 9, 2007

It is fall..

and sadly I have fallen behind on blogging! I hope to catch up this weekend. I still need to share our Halloween and anniversary. The boys have plans for tomorrow but hopefully Sunday I will have time to catch up! I do have a little happy news..I won 3rd place in a contest click here so excited!