Thursday, August 30, 2007

Freaking Toddler!

Oh my gosh what a day we had.....first this nice little mess, not too bad really. I had forgot all about it until I uploaded the pictures. Then I find his favorite cap in the toilet. When I asked him why he did that he told me, "PaPaw mean." Poor little dude I feel so sorry for him he is use to him visiting at least once every two weeks but he has been on vacation so it has been longer. He was the one who gave him the cap and until today he would proudly say PaPaw gave me hat every time he wore it. He didn't have a nap today so the longer the day went on the crankier he got. To end the night with flying colors he started a FIRE!!!??? Yikes!!!! I was cooking and he wanted a frozen roll..I doubt he knew it was frozen but I told him no I have to cook them...and off I go to the oven, he follows me mad and crying, grabs the dishtowel off the fridge and throws it. It landed on the burner and went up in flames. Oh boy oh boy I grabbed it and DH was in the kitchen too so it was put out quickly and FT ran for the hills!!!! He is now asleep!!!

I am soooooooo EVIL!!!

I can not believe I did this! Yesterday morning when FT got the box of Zingers I just dumped them all out..three were left!!?? I gave one to him and hide the other two, I thought one for me and one for my sweetie. So the boys come home from school and Buggy Dude (AKA #3) wanted to know if he could have one.
me: no
BD: why not?
me: I threw the box away
BD: were they all gone!?
me: I look at him like that was a stupid question and repeat that I threw the box away.
BD: wants to know one more time ARE they really gone!?
me: I tell him to just look in the trash and he will see the empty box.
BD: gives up!!
My mom said I could never tell a lie that it was wrote all over my face, must still be that way today. But I didn't really lie...I did throw the box away! DH really enjoyed hiding and eating them with me. And no I did not feel one bit guilty..they have cookies, Rice Kripsy treats, Jell-O, and I am sure a few other thing to snack on.

Friday, August 24, 2007


The first week of school is over!!! It wasn't the best week but hey it could have been a lot worse..just ask Lauri..check out her blog for the 20th the link is over there. Poor kid!!! I did take first day of school photos Monday and some of FT watering plants another day but I really slacked on picking up the camera this week. So sad!! But really there wasn't much going on to capture. The big boys really don't want me snapping away at school, my house is a mess..I don't want you to see THAT in the background and 89% of the time FT is na-kid. I did do something CRAZY this week, I decided to try out for the DT at Piggy Tales!! Told you it was crazy but hey I did have some of their papers and it doesn't hurt to try. Here is one of the LOs I sent and the card. They have a new little mini album that would be so cute to play with..litte hide & seek flaps. Can't wait to get my hands on one of them!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

When I went to let Honey out something moved in the water garden!! I looked and it was this tiny cute lizard. I had to go get the camera then I saw this cute litte frog..he is so tiny!! Next a moth came by so I got a picture of it too. I just love being out there.

Give me

My camera is no longer safe...he knows everywhere I put it. He took the car shot and in the other picture he is reaching for it.."give me that, me take picture of daddy." Oh noooooooo you don't!! I would have loved to but half the time he drops it and well I am sure the concrete would do it in. DH is under the van trying to figure out what the heck is going on...still no clue!? But the mouse nest was back bigger and better than ever! DH is sure it has chewed something up but he can't see anything. The last time he did put a bag of bait under the hood and it did have a little snack!!! Hopefully he won't be back but we still have to find out what isn't making all the right conections.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pop POP pop!

Grrrrrrrrrr the van is messing up again. I took one of the boys to youth group and was afraid we weren't going to make it back home. But we did!!!! FT was real excited and told his dad all about it.....Pop POP pop!!!! While his little hands went wild. I had plans of taking the camera with me but forgot it. Too bad to because while we waited a hummingbird was within 2 feet of us! It was so cool the window was down but with the van still I guess he didn't notice the two crazy people watching him. We also had a cute little inch worm crawling on the van. I called my mom while we waiting and made the mistake of saying the word "scared" so FT freaked and said, "me scared take me home." Poor little dude! I was tired of waiting anyway so we went and got big brother and left.Since I didn't have the camera here is an old one of the mouse nest that DH blamed the last problem on....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cool cars...

We were busy playing with Tinkertoys! FT made really cool cars for us. I thought DH or one of the big boys would show up to take our picture but they didn't so we took our own. Beep Beep, what fun!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh isn't this

so yummy!! I had to be quick so it isn't as nice as I wanted it to be. He just wanted a pretty flower to smell....but it interrupted my photo prompt. I won it from ScrapLovers! Oh so lucky and happy but as you can see it is PINK!! Even with a house full of boys I couldn't wait to cut into it. As you can see in the photo I decided I'd better take a photo before I killed it all! I can't believe how well it all matches being from different manufactures..Cactus Pink, Chatterbox, Lil'Davis, 7gypsies, Prima, and I think theses tags are K& pretty!!!! I spent the evening scrapping away and have added the cover of my mini album! Such pretty paper!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Today's is DH's birthday! We had Stubby's BBQ for lunch and we had enough left over for dinner. With a little help from Pillsbury Dough Boy I baked a cake too! Oh it turned out yummy!!! Life is sweeeeeeeeeet!