Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sweet Love!

I just tried the UHU Stic that I requested from and found out the hard way that it truly sticks. For my album cover I applied the glue to both my paper and the chipboard, rubbed in together firmly, flipped it over and realized the chipboard was not exactly in the center of my paper..well, I thought I could simply pull it apart and try again but no such was firmly held in place! I love how strong the hold is! I am making the album for an anniversary gift for DH. Here is the cover and a few of the pages:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am sitting there with all kinds of stuff in my lap working on a little swap project when Buggy Dude thumps FT hard enough to make him cry, I toss everything to the side to pick him up and after I get him calmed down I realize my needle is missing. I can't find it anywhere. So I am telling BD that if anyone gets stuck with it, it is his fault. He barely finished saying, " I hope HE gets it (with pointing at FT)" when he say OWWWWWWWWWW and there it is the needle embedded in his own foot.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun Flight!

I have no idea what the "S" setting is on the camera but you press the button and it rapidly takes three photos right in a row!!? Very cool if only the quality was better. FT wanted to ride on my feet and this is something I really want to capture. He LOVES it!! He laughs and I can't help but giggle. I get so tired but yet I can't stop because it is just too much fun to hear that laugh and see that smile. I'll have to make sure the camera is on the right setting next time.

So far behind!

Last week we pulled mutt out of school so I had to get all the paper work filled out for that and find something for him to take. That is all squared away now and his books should be here Monday!!! I hope/think we did the right thing. For those of you who don't know we home schooled the boys for a very long time. I had never planned on doing a matter of fact my cousin was home schooling her girl and my mom ask me if I was going to the boys NO WAY, I could never do that. Mutt started kindergarten and all was well. I was really looking forward to the next year when Daniel would start too. Well, that year things did not go well at all. Daniel didn't want to go to school and he was afraid of the folding tables in the cafeteria (they will eat me!!?)...silly fear, I giggled. I never knew just how really afraid he was and what he would do to avoid it. One day his class was on the way to the lunch room and when they turned he kept going straight...he ran away from school. His teacher did not see him but the office secretary did. He made it to the highway and was running down the yellow line. How scary! Thankfully the secretary was able to flag down a car, jump in, and chase him down. There was another car following my little dude down the road straddling the yellow line with her flashers on. Thank God they were there for him. And it was so strange..I KNEW this, I have no idea how but this thought popped into my head (I bet he is running down the road right now and I said a little prayer for him) I got the gate closed and came in to the phone ringing telling me to come pick up my son he had ran away and they had him locked up in the office. OHMYgosh can you believe that!!? Then the school wanted us to sign a waiver saying they were NOT responsible for him since he was a "known" runner. Ummmmmm no way was I going to do that, that would be like signing his life away. So I felt I had no choice but to home school him. We left mutt in school and man this home school stuff wasn't hard at all! It was actually easy and fun!!!?? So the next year we pulled mutt out too. Daniel was home schooled K-9 and mutt 2-9. Last year DH decided they HAD to go to school no ifs, ands, or buts after all buggy dude was already there so off they went. They both were honor roll students but mutt hated it. Daniel LOVED it!!! It was going to be another year of deep hate so we pulled him out. He will still be doing his AP classes through a correspondence school... Man that hurt the credit card but I want him to be excited about learning again and he seems to be!! He is really looking forward to his books and going at his own pace again. Oh if you are wondering about BD he was home schooled k-3 and that was TERRIBLE!!!! He would hide his books, write that his name was Bob, do any page other than the page I told him to do so enough was enough and he was put in school. We made him do 3rd grade over there because I was sure after all the struggles he would be behind.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mommy Made a mess!!

FT told on me! The first callenge of the month at ACP is to use glitter and I did!! I was careful but it went he went and told daddy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The evil eye and peanut butter face!

Can't believe I captured the evil eye! Isn't it so scary..makes me shake in my boots!! OK so I try to keep a straight face and not giggle when he does it but it is just too funny!! It is the look he gives us when we aren't making him he didn't want his picture taken so he gave it to me.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day!

Today was perfect, I didn't go anywhere plus I played with my new dies!
The cd drive broke last night..did FT have anything to do with it you might ask!!?? Well, honestly I don't know he was right there when it happened but so was I!!?? He popped his game in and it popped right back out..over and over and over again!!?? So all last night the thing was just sticking out like a sore thumb. Since he was going into town and Hobby Lobby isn't far from Office Depot I printed out the die set I wanted, even showed him what the pack of dies would look like, told him exactly where to find them..he calls WHERE DID YOU SAY THIS WAS AT, I am over by the bathroom!!!?? Anyway, he was looking for the color..hello sweetie that is why I showed you exactly what the package of dies looked like before you I was going to draw you a map but you said you knew where you were going and if you had listened you would not be over by the have gone too far. So anyway he did find it!!! Mutt went with him so he could buy some books and they brought home Pizza Hut so I didn't have to cook lunch..see told you it was a perfect day!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I cried

endless tears for hours on end last night. Scrap-a-Latte posted the monthly blog challenge "if you could go back and change one thing in your life what would it be?" My first thought was oh that is health, I would be pain free, healthy, normal! But then I started thinking back on my life and thought of my brother. He passed away 3, 4?? who knows maybe even 5 years ago..I am still in denial.
He was laughter:
No matter what when wrong (and plenty of things in his life did go just that way) he found a way to laugh. No matter how sad or what the problem was he found a way. Being the only boy with 5 sister one of the big things was who is your favorite..he was my FAVORITE brother (my sisters told him the same thing) I can remember the giggling and him saying but I am your ONLY one, true but man he was awesome! I can still hear his laughter.
He was love:
simply purely just love
He was strength:
I remember he had a really bad accident-he had stopped to help someone fix a car when another vehicle rear-ended one crushing him in-between the two. When he got out of the hospital we went to grandma's house (Momma was going to need help with him) The bedroom had two beds and he was to sleep in one and us in the other (I don't know but I imagine at least one or two of my older sisters were there, too) I was so worried and scared I wanted to sleep with him!!?? Momma said no that I would hurt him and I remember him telling her to let me sleep with him..that I needed to know he was going to be OK. That is exactly what I needed a scared little girl needing warmth, courage, and love from a big brother and even through the pain he gave me that..such strength.
He died alone in a hospital bed while those who loved him filled a waiting room. Why was we all out there? I so wish I had been with him to hold his hand, to offer comfort, give him strength. I cry and think so sad he was all alone but a little voice tells me never alone we are never alone......
I miss him dearly so I guess the one thing I would change would be his death, he would still be here.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

a bunch of rambling

BD received this ticket for doing well oh his benchmark for him but it makes me sad (more about that later), I tried to talk him into going to see Harry Potter but no such luck...he HAD to go see the Simpsons!!?? I am sorry but I just don't get them so DH got to go. I mean after all they sit here and laugh at them while I roll my eyes, so off they went. They enjoyed it! Huge tub of popcorn coated with yummy butter and fountain drinks that were good! How could that be? I always end up with one with too much syrup or water. Oh well I am jealous that they had yummy popcorn but I am happy they had a good time!
I dropped my perfect child off at the church and went to the rock shop with FT. That was fun!!! He has two crystals now! Amanda was working (I actually know her! She had been working for Xyron but they just laid off a bunch of people) she told him his pants were on backwards..oh yes they are but look a little closer at him so is his shirt and his shoes are on the wrong feet too. So big now and doesn't need any help!! Most of the time with his shoes he will change them around but other days no way! I was going to take a picture of him when we got home but he striped as soon as we walked in the door.
I hate that this photo is blurry but you can see how happy FT is! He found out the phone has a camera on it....the cat went to hide in the closet.

The Piggy Tales DT is up! I didn't make the team, no surprise there but sometimes you don't mind loosing! I googled all the winners and turned up galleries for most of them but one, Teresa Tyree has a blog and she posted her entry yesterday and it truly ROCKS!

Now about the sad part every year they have an assembly and the kids who did well on the test get to sit in the middle and they call them up one by one to get their little prize. Yay for them!!! But it just makes me sick the first year I went I was all proud but after being there it was almost like a guilt trip for the rest of the kids..they actually said "do good next year and you can be in the middle!" Whose fault is it that they didn't score well!? I am sure they did the best they could so why taunt them this way?