Thursday, May 31, 2007

Proud Mommy

Look who received his confirmation tonight! So proud of him! He worked really hard for this..went to mass 90% of the time alone and to the classes plus he had to do so many hours of community service hours, church hours, and so many hour of prayer service..hmmmm is praying really a service? Anyway he did it!!! He is such an awesome kid. FT pulled his shoes off and made himself right at home, so embarrassing. I took him out for awhile then DH took him out, too. He wasn't too naughty just a little annoying and like DH said he could have been worse. He just knew he was going to throw his shoes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have been taking my photo a day but I am not going to update with all of them so here are a few from the last two weeks. TIME FLIES! Maybe I can keep up to date next month.
We grilled! Poor little dude is very afraid of thunder, the vacuum, and now we find out the sizzling smoking grill. Poor thing went and put the hat on...and came back out but I guess that didn't help enough so he went back inside and watched out the window. We threw a hot dog on for Honey too..she enjoyed it!

The bear that went fishing...

This was my bear that was sitting on the edge of the towel rack..forever! I don't know what I am going to do with the FREAKING toddler. I think I figured it out...I told him if he throws anything else in there I am going to throw away his favorite car. We'll see how that goes!

My late Mother's Day outing!

5-20 First we got pizza to take to West Mountain. The big boys have always climbed on the rocks..that is what they were doing when FT wanted to go see what they were up to. Well, there is a little trail between the huge boulders and why I thought he would go up the center of that I have no I have his hand and get him started on the is not wide enough for two people side by side so I turned loose of his hand thinking he would follow the cute little path. NO he turned to the left and scaled right up the side..oh me oh my I had to tell brother to hurry up and rescue him! Then it was off to the gardens! I had a really wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Poor Little Red Wagon

This was bought for our 16YO, I remember pushing him back and fourth in it when he was just a babe, so I have really enjoyed watching FT drag it all over the place. Well, Sunday we were loading up the cans for PaPaw to take to the recycle center when the handle just fell right off. Poor little dude you should have seen how big his eyes got. Rusted right in half...I guess we should get him a new one now?

Tomato Plants!!

Well, the morning was not the best...I wanted to get a photo of the totes I made late last night so I yelled to the boys that I would be out in the van, snapped my photo, got the toddler buckled in his car seat all ready to got on time when my oldest came out and told me that David fell back asleep. Oh me oh by the time I got him up and out the door they were all three late. The tardy bell rang just as I dropped the big boys off, so then I had to go to the elementary building (it is on the same campus so it was a very short drive) he gets out of the van and spills his supply box all over the ground...maybe that will teach him to go to bed and stay there??
But the best part about my day is my dad went to the farm store and bought me tomato plants and some soil!! Oh how sweet is that!!!?? He doesn't get around very well at all and stays in bed as much as he can so this was just way too sweet!! I called him last night to see if he had any extra plants this year (he brought me some last year from the seeds he planted) and wanted to make sure he didn't before I went out and bought some...he didn't have any and I am just so thrilled that he did this for me!!!

Tuesday already!?

Wow! Time flies!! Here are my photos for the weekend..
Yesterday on the way home from town (he is still volentering at the libary) DS tells me it is the seniors last day tomorrow and he has four friends graduating and wanted to take them a little something so I made the totes from the march challenge at charmingplace for the 3 girls..the poor boy just got a card! After we got back I still had to feed the family and put stuff away so I didn't get started until around 10 at midnight I was still working away. I had bought some cute mini albums and mini paper pads long ago on sale so I tossed them in there...very funny that I had 3 on hand!!! I bought four but one of them I had torn into.

Oh Saturday DH mowed..DS had fun in the grass and he told me he had a green thumb!

Friday, May 11, 2007

If any day could be a perfect day

today was that day! I have been so stressed about the mess this house is in I finally gave up and called my mom and asked her if I paid her if she would come help me. She did!! She didn't want paid but she gets paid to do other people's houses so I told her she couldn't help if she didn't let me pay. So my floors are all mopped!!
Then DH brought home pizza for lunch!
I got my prize package from CreativeXpress talk about excited!!!! I have never came close to a guessing game so this was just too cool!!!
I sorted it all out while I waited on the big boys to get out of school and FT didn't even try to help??? WoW..I said the day was perfect...he was busy with a HotWheel that comes apart...we thought it broke but it really has a little latch that lets you take the top off and on that I discovered when he wanted it fixed so I showed it to him. Then if the boys fought on the way home I don't remember it!!! Oh now I remember they didn't because the one who likes to cause trouble had his mouth full of my Mother's day present. Real thoughtful!! Didn't even let me touch it or take a picture of it before he decided to have his fair share. Then he wanted to know if me and FT could share one so he could have another.Dinner at the shack and while we were out UPS brought my Mother's Day present..a PajamaGram!!!?? OK so I wasn't real thrilled and I feel like a butt but those are expensive!!! He said he used a coupon but I had to tell him just how cool I think it is. And really I do love them..just not the price!!! To finish off the perfect day I scrapped!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Luck!

I found a four leaf clover today! That is what my photo will be of...when I upload it!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

DS volunteered to help change the religious library over to the numeric system so I took the camera along for the drive to drop him off. It started raining before we got there so you see water and raindrops on the windshield..can't decide if it is a cool shot or not.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I scrapped!

and see my little helper? That is the plate I used for the template.
Here is my photo from sucks!! Anyway the is DS and one of his best buds at their school musical.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

a long day..didn't even feed the guys until 8;30..will post my pics later...
So here it is..I found frog eggs in the pond! I doubt they will last long, almost every year something eats them.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


Yay I spent the day scrapping....and look what I got in the mail from ScrapLovers!!! Lots of yummy ribbon for a class they are going to do. The class is up!

Friday, May 4, 2007

I won!!!

I am so Happy! The smile LO I did for Scraplovers won!!!! What a great way to start the weekend! I hope to do more challenges this weekend, too. I am not sure if I will feel like uploading them since I already won..don't want to be a prize hog but it is so much fun to see how much I can get done.
FT had fun with toothpaste...first he got the poor cat, while I was cleaning the poor thing off he went away..I had no idea he still had the tube..well it makes great tracks!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Missed it!

See the Canadian goose??? Ummmmm I don't either, It was so cool flying over honking but thanks to the camera's delay I missed it. It was flying solo??? So now all you get to see is our cloudy day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


My photo of the day is a high chair! I did a challenge at Scrap Lovers where we had to use something around us as inspiration. And here is the LO!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Before I went to get the boys today I stamped and heat embossed flowers on this cool ribbon for a challenge at Scrap Lovers, then I cut them out while I waited on the boys to get out of school. And oh boy was it a long wait....Mutt had homework but his brother didn't so he thought he should be nice and bring home a book for him, well, brother thought that was an OK idea IF he would say please and thank you......apparently he didn't want to so like fools they just stood there in front of the locker until he said fine and brought the book home for him anyway. Isn't that crazy??? Then this evening I scrapped!!!! Here the flowers are on my LO: