Sunday, April 20, 2008


If you love them as much as I do check out A Charming Place for a very easy way to earn a GC.

Charms are my favorite embellishment...and here is one of my favorite charms....Dragonflies!
I also used a sketch by Cherie (link to right)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Monday morning I had a DRs appointment and he had one with the orthodontist 45 minutes way to make them both at the same time so thankfully Papaw took him! I was very surprised when he came home with BRACES!!?? The way they explained it to me was 3 appointments one week apart..1st appointment they wedge spacers between his teeth to make it easy for them to slide the metal anchor bands on, (we did that), 2nd appointment they put the four anchor bands on the back teeth (what I thought he was going in for), and 3rd appointment they band the rest and wire them all together so I was shocked when he came home with braces!! Felt bad that I wasn't there for him.

TLC again

The winners have been announced and it wasn't me...the gal I though would win, did! She really does amazing work. But I was lucky and won the random draw!!! Yipee yay!!! I hated that red cluster in the corner so I ripped it off and added a litte pink....ohmygosh PINK for a boy!? Oh well it is a love page and Sally is a girl so I guess that is OK. And here is another one, too.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Having fun scrapping!!!

The TLC (Tender Loving Care) LO is my last entry for the Scrap Around the World contest at Scraplovers. We had to use a monogram title, a red cluster, and 10 different pattern papers. Not sure when the winner will be announced but I don't think it will be me but it was a fun 7 weeks!!! At first I made the play LO for it but was told my title was not a monogram?? It also HAD a red cluster..the flowers in the center were all red until I found out it wouldn't qualify. I think I need to add some bling or little flowers to the title....the tiney rhinestones in the first square came from a nail art kit!