Sunday, June 20, 2010

Go Fly and Kite and Happy news

I love kites they are so colorful and fun! Joseph had a lot of fun trying to fly this one, I'd hold it while he ran and let go when the string was taunt, as long as he ran it flew :) We even got it up high enough to get caught in a tree! Fun times!!!! I made this quick and easy card for a challenge at using one of my favorite charms...isn't that a cute kite!!!??? And now for the happy news.....I made the design team for I love LOVE love buttons and epoxy so this is going to be fun! Should get my box of fun tools in July..can't wait!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Forever and A day...

well over a year anyway since I blogged!? Chris even mention that fact a few months ago. I needed to look up a friend I have been thinking of and it has been soooooo long I couldn't even remember my that all reset and maybe I am back!?