Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa is here!!!

It is 2:30 in the morning and I hear him stuffing my stocking!!! I just finished wrapping all the gifts and left the room so he could fill mine. I can not wait to see how excited the boys are in the morning. I told them they are getting a board game that they have to open together...as far as they know what they really wanted was out of stock everywhere so they had to settle for this..oh aren't white lies fun!? Hope everyone has a merry one! Lots of time with your family, friends and a heart full of love.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Still can't believe it..but I am fourty!!?? My scanner did not like my charm so the one side of the page did not scan right...it says Life Live it well!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Learning to share...

sometimes it is soooooooo hard! My sister came with 3 of her kids to borrow the PC...poor girl is working and doing an online course, while at work the kids did something to hers and her work was due at midnight....last night so she will not get full credit...feel so bad for her but I loved getting to see the kids!! Five kids + five balloons=Chaos!! At one time FT had four of the 5.....here he is finally giving one up! I had so much fun watching them and listening to the giggles..and I took over 100 pictures!! I have some cool shots I can give her but sadly can't share online..lots of fun and laughs.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Birthday dinner with

my dad and my sister! And here is the perfect (very bad) picture!!?? Dawn's birthday is 3 days before mine so we always have our dinner together..it was so funny Dad called me on my birthday and told me he had to take care of her first then he would take me out so I ask...why aren't we doing it together...and he said oh she is jealous she wants her own...so when she called me to go out I asked "just you and me" she said no daddy, too so I told her what he said and she just laughed!!! He misunderstood me I told him he needed to take us out twice...anyway it was a really nice night but I am annoyed at the photo... I asked DH what the camera was set on- he didn't know and didn't care so as you can see Dad looks real happy but man such a bad photo.

Here is one of the cards I made for the 1st challenge at ACP but I don't think it will stay a card for long....I think it is too cute for that so I am going to cut it apart and make a mini album...it will hopefully be the first thing I use my bind it all on!! Oh Santa is going to get me one, if all goes as planned! I am so excited about it!
One last thing for tonight- check out buggy (click here) the honor choir went to the capital to sing Christmas carols...he is easy to find only two boys and he is the one in sneakers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For me

Isn't it beautiful!!!?? I love it!! FT always has to help be scrap so when I got out my inks he was excited and went and got the stamp he wanted! When he finished he proudly told me...for you mommy! He made a few for himself too but only mine has the flower stamp. After he tried stamping the pad directly to the paper he was hooked on that! I didn't get a picture of him stamping because I was busy scrapping! Oh life is good!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Circle Journal

I am in a small round at ACP here are my pages for Hayley's abc of me and Lani's What makes me Me! Hope they like them:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


already and to start the month off right I got to go see the Santa train!!! I love trains and the holidays so I was excited!!! Buggy enjoyed the fire truck but FT did not want to get near it..it was loud, he had his ears covered the whole time! Then dad was walking around with him and just when they decide to come closer big brother was inside and blasted the horn!!?? Poor little dude! He didn't care for the train noise either but he did have a blast on the slide. Not the best shot but there he is..and talk about bad shots....my one and only shot of Santa and you can't see him.

And both big brothers now have their drivers permits...can I handle the stress???? So far they have been out a couple of times with PawPaw but just up the driveway with me..and just that is scary! Hopefully soon DH will have the chance to take them out more very soon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Time flies!!! Last week he turned 16! Such an awesome amazing guy, I hope all his dreams come true. He is the most kind caring kid I know. Last Christmas he donated all his Christmas money. This year they are all wishing for a wii so I guess he has different plans this time around. He always makes sure everyone has all the food they want before he takes seconds. It is so hard to believe how different kids are even though they are raised the same. I love all four of them and their differences but I have high hopes that FT will be as sweet as him! For his birthday he wanted balloons and a cookie cake...they all had a blast with the balloons. He said he never knew they could be so much fun!! They took them out and had balloon wars and tried to find different ways to pop them. Lots of laughter and fun!! For dinner he had a veggie pizza from his favorite place..Charlie's!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Before I forget...

I must write about the Jack in the Box!
DH wanted to go to Little Rock Saturday to buy head phones and a game he couldn't find around here so after dropping one boy off for a field trip the rest of us tagged along for the ride. He dropped me and FT off at Michaels (we don't have one in town so I was looking forward to it!!!) I saw a really cute Jack in the Box that played a Christmas tune, an elf jumped up and said Merry Christmas! I showed him how it worked and warned him that something would jump up out of the box...I wasn't sure if he would like it or be scared..well, he was excited!!! I want that box!! To be truthful I wanted that box too! So we picked one out that had a penguin in it, I put him in the cart with it and he started doing it..over and over...it would pop up and back in it would go for another round... But then he started to really look at it strange, then he got a really sheepish look on his face...it was too funny! I had to call his dad to tell him all about it...he couldn't stop doing it but he seemed to be getting really worried about it..then it happened..it popped up and he cried!!! OHmygosh poor babe! Being the good mommy I rescued him from the evil box and put it back on the shelf...being the bad mommy I laughed and laughed..it was too funny!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

More from the maze!

Better late than never?

These are not the best shots but here is what we loved!! Climbing on hay bales....their favorite! FT loved the corn bin he wanted to take his socks and shoes off!! The corn cannon was a blast!! You put your corn in, pushed it down with a stick, then pulled the lever to shoot it...some went really far!! It was hooked up to an air compressor and it just depended on how much pressure built up. Loved it! Hope to go back next year.

Friday, November 9, 2007

It is fall..

and sadly I have fallen behind on blogging! I hope to catch up this weekend. I still need to share our Halloween and anniversary. The boys have plans for tomorrow but hopefully Sunday I will have time to catch up! I do have a little happy news..I won 3rd place in a contest click here so excited!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Look who is officially a teen!

Time really flies!! He got a computer game (Sam & Max), and of all the places he could go to he wanted Burger King. I didn't take my camera there but I should have! He ordered tomatoes on his chicken sandwich but they didn't put them on there, it had it right on the receipt but not a single trace on the sandwich..so I told him I could take it back but he was too hungry...he ate almost all of it..not even a quarter left and then wanted me to go tell them...uhmmmmmmm no way it is too late for that! He wasn't happy but he ate the rest of it. Then we went home for cake (Devils food with strawberry icing) topped with dragons!! He didn't get all the candles out with one blow but hopefully all his wishes will come true anyway!!
Oh I have to share his email to his Granny:
Hi Granny, I got the card with the $5. I miss you and those tuna or whatever it was sandwiches, cant remember. Thank you,

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I received this really cool one from one of my Charming friends today..Chandra!! I just love it! I couldn't wait to use him so I added it to this LO that I did earlier this month..it matches that SEI paper so well.
It is mid-night now and I need a snack...DH let me down!!?? OK so nothing major but we were supposed to have a snack 2 hours ago..but he feel asleep talking to me and two of the boys. They couldn't believe it but hey he does it all the time so no surprise to me. Now to decide what I want to eat all by myself
...maybe cold pizza!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

17 years ago................

We had our first boy!!! Oh what an adventure this has been! 17 years of delight and sadly a little fright, too. Love you mutt and hope all your wishes come true!!! I am so thankful that you are in our life.
He wanted chocolate cake with caramel icing...I tried!!! I never have had much luck in the kitchen and sadly today wasn't any different. I followed the recipe to a T but it never firmed up..I even added another full cup of powdered sugar and still..a runny mess!!!???
Oh and I SUCK at Photoshop!!! I love this shot DS took but as you can see just part of FT in the backgroud so I thought I could remove that..not much luck.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This weekend we went to a Corn Maze!! This happens to be my favorite picture...corn!!!! Mutt didn't want to go but he did! Daniel wanted to do the maze but wasn't looking forward to the drive, and the younger two are always ready to go no matter where or how far. I loved spending the day with everyone at the same time!! I really thought this was something that would be hard to do but we were in and out of the maze in 27 minutes....maybe I should not have printed out that maze map after all. Buggy Dude traced the path we should travel and we didn't get lost once..I think it would have been fun to go in circles for an hour. I don't get to spend enough time with them so I would have enjoyed it. Once we were out of the maze FT had lots of fun in the corn bin while big brothers climbed on huge hay bales and shot corn cannons..those were so cool!!! If I have time tomorrow I will try to upload more pictures but most of them did not turn out that well...225 pictures and only about a dozen are worth printing.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Thursday was Pirate day at school so Wednesday night I had to come up with something quick!! We found some sweat pants I could cut into, not the best costume but they were happy! I had so much fun!!! They really had me giggling when they were checking out their eye patches. Daniel was so surprised that I was going to cut up my perfectly good shirt (just for him!) Oh yeah I would be happy to do anything for you..really I would!! But honestly look at it..it NEEDED cut up. Mutt told him it wasn't a pirate shirt but a jailbird shirt. I love being able to do fun little things with them. Buggy dude said they are the eye brothes and made his brother squat for a picture....love how it turned out, it is the top one...he had to repair his patch at school.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My journal

again! Well, I didn't like how plain it looked once I had it scanned in so I added to it!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Look who had the camera again!?

so much fun! They really make life worth living. I love my dudes soooooooo much!!!
Can't believe today is the 9th! That means I have been scrapping for 9 days..just a little each day but hey it feels so good. Today I made the cover for my circle journal..looking forward to this round!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


is having a little card crop to celebrate National card making day! I can't get their gallery to work so I will put all my cards here:

Hello is for Anna's Challenge

Hi Sweetheart is for Nancy's Challenge

Friday, October 5, 2007

Birthday Bash!

ScrapLovers is having a Birthday Bash this weekend and the blog challenge is to write about it! Well, you know I am going to scrap everyday this month so the mini tag challenge was just what I needed for today..something simple and quick because it was a busy fun day with not much time left to scrap!!??
I met two of my sisters at the craft fair...we didn't get to see it all because I had to leave early to pick the boys up from school but what we saw was amazing! So
many different art mediums..so much love and happiness. One lady was telling a doll she was selling to be a good girl..you could tell she was almost sad to part with her. The buyer assured her she was going to have lots of love and fun! Cool painting, metal work, jewelry..just anything and everything! Aunt Jan bought FT the little tractor..he saw it last year and wanted it but he was just two then and it seemed a little rough around the edges for such a little guy. I got David a flute..didn't really see anything for the other two boys, so hard shopping for teens.

Oct 4

I got to see all five of my sisters today! We met to eat and watch Little Miss Sunshine. I can't believe we didn't get a group shot but here is our mom! So the movie...oh my gosh..I laughed so hard and it was just too much fun. It really isn't THAT funny but laughter is contagious!! It is so interesting what one person thinks is funny someone else thinks is lame. Oh and the food was soooooooo good. Chicken fajitas..all homemade.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Remember the roses

here? Well, the grasshoppers ate all the leaves and I was afraid that was the end but look..yippee yay!!!..it is growing again!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oh what fun!

I took the two younger boys to the park to visit with four of their cousin! I didn't have much time to visit with my sisters or mom with all the tracking of six wild kids but it was so much fun!! We fed the ducks, took a little walk, and had tons of fun playing!
Day two of scrapping!! I almost finished a layout that I started yesterday so hopefully tomorrow I can add the finishing touches and get it uploaded.

Monday, October 1, 2007

WoW! Oct already!!??

Time truly does fly. Sept was too stressful and it really went by in a blur. I vow that Oct must be better!! I am going to get back to my photo a day (sorry Valerie I got so far behind!) and I am also going to scrap..every single day!!!!! So for my photo of the day here is my little dude ready to go pick up his brothers from school! He has informed me those are HIS tins and they are stuffed with his toys.... Freaking toddler!! He is actually the reason the camera was down and boy was I not happy, I cleaned the lenses just yesterday and sure enough he had already smudged it...there is no place to hide it, he always finds it!!?? So here are two shots from him too. I love seeing the shots he takes!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sweet Love!

I just tried the UHU Stic that I requested from http://www.mariafilosa.com/ and found out the hard way that it truly sticks. For my album cover I applied the glue to both my paper and the chipboard, rubbed in together firmly, flipped it over and realized the chipboard was not exactly in the center of my paper..well, I thought I could simply pull it apart and try again but no such luck..it was firmly held in place! I love how strong the hold is! I am making the album for an anniversary gift for DH. Here is the cover and a few of the pages:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am sitting there with all kinds of stuff in my lap working on a little swap project when Buggy Dude thumps FT hard enough to make him cry, I toss everything to the side to pick him up and after I get him calmed down I realize my needle is missing. I can't find it anywhere. So I am telling BD that if anyone gets stuck with it, it is his fault. He barely finished saying, " I hope HE gets it (with pointing at FT)" when he say OWWWWWWWWWW and there it is the needle embedded in his own foot.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun Flight!

I have no idea what the "S" setting is on the camera but you press the button and it rapidly takes three photos right in a row!!? Very cool if only the quality was better. FT wanted to ride on my feet and this is something I really want to capture. He LOVES it!! He laughs and I can't help but giggle. I get so tired but yet I can't stop because it is just too much fun to hear that laugh and see that smile. I'll have to make sure the camera is on the right setting next time.