Friday, December 14, 2007

Birthday dinner with

my dad and my sister! And here is the perfect (very bad) picture!!?? Dawn's birthday is 3 days before mine so we always have our dinner was so funny Dad called me on my birthday and told me he had to take care of her first then he would take me out so I ask...why aren't we doing it together...and he said oh she is jealous she wants her when she called me to go out I asked "just you and me" she said no daddy, too so I told her what he said and she just laughed!!! He misunderstood me I told him he needed to take us out twice...anyway it was a really nice night but I am annoyed at the photo... I asked DH what the camera was set on- he didn't know and didn't care so as you can see Dad looks real happy but man such a bad photo.

Here is one of the cards I made for the 1st challenge at ACP but I don't think it will stay a card for long....I think it is too cute for that so I am going to cut it apart and make a mini will hopefully be the first thing I use my bind it all on!! Oh Santa is going to get me one, if all goes as planned! I am so excited about it!
One last thing for tonight- check out buggy (click here) the honor choir went to the capital to sing Christmas carols...he is easy to find only two boys and he is the one in sneakers.

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Valerie said...

Oh Joy buggy is so sweet! I just love that shot!