Wednesday, March 19, 2008

pulling teeth and the $6 balloon

pulling teeth and the $6 balloon

Poor Buggy had 3 teeth pulled today and he goes back Monday for...3 more I guess. The orthodontist told me top one bottom both sides. So you can imagine my surprise when he walks out with a bag of 3 teeth. The dentist assured me he knew what he was doing and the other one was just a baby tooth.....hope so!!!! He also has a pretty blue balloon which the freaking toddler really REALLY wants. He doesn't understand why big brother won't share. So I offered him $2, his dad offered $5, and he settled for $6. His kind big brother told him that he should be ashamed of himself for not sharing and shouldn't have to be paid. Now that the balloon belongs to FT he is sharing it with buggy. I think/hope he is going to be a sweetie like Daniel.
I have also had a really cool scrappy month!!!!
I can't believe I won....check out Flair 's blog!

Super excited!!!!

And last year I tried out for a design team..didn't make it but I did nab a guest design spot and this is my month!
Peek here EBB's March Kit


Jennybug said...

Thanks for your comment on the Mom and Me Blog! You are a great scrapbooker, I enjoyed looking at your blog. Hope your day is happy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! I need to see if you can send me your address at please. I have been gone for a week and forgot to leave the address on the blog....sorry about that. But we would love to send you your Flair prize for winning! Thanks, April

Câmera Digital said...

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Theresa Tyree said...

OMGOsh, Joy! Congrats as the grand prize winner at Flair! WOW! And if that weren't enough, lovin the layouts at EBB as well! You go girl! You're on a roll now!