Sunday, June 20, 2010

Go Fly and Kite and Happy news

I love kites they are so colorful and fun! Joseph had a lot of fun trying to fly this one, I'd hold it while he ran and let go when the string was taunt, as long as he ran it flew :) We even got it up high enough to get caught in a tree! Fun times!!!! I made this quick and easy card for a challenge at using one of my favorite charms...isn't that a cute kite!!!??? And now for the happy news.....I made the design team for I love LOVE love buttons and epoxy so this is going to be fun! Should get my box of fun tools in July..can't wait!!!


Andrea Amu said...

Congrats on the dt, Joy! You will be great I'm sure! Love the kite photo and that sweet card... you should submit it to CARDS magazine. They have a call for using charms for the Dec. 2010 issue right now! :)
Hope you have been well... glad to see you bloggin' again :)

Jamie Erin Dickson said...

How exciting! Have fun, your work is AWESOME!! Love you and loved the post about Daddy throwing the watermelon in the creek to cool off while we swam, I hadn't thought of that in a's so good to have all these special memories!