Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Freaking Birthday!

Poor Chris, such a great guy really deserved a better day than he had :)
I made him this cute card!

Joseph made him one of his special dishes!!! Doesn't that look so yummy!!!??? I'm sure you really want the recipe just add: cashews,shredded lettuce, corn chips, marsh mellows, maple syrup, and don't forget the gum!!!

He loves the turkey and dressing special from Cracker Barrel so we had that then we went to Old Navy to see if they had any of the jeans still on sale...that is when it all started as we walked through the door he mumbled," Happy Freaking Birthday! " GEE I know he doesn't like shopping but this should have taken maybe 10 minutes, so he jinxed himself if you ask me :) No cheap jeans in size 14 but David did get a really cool pair with a skull on the pocket. Then it was off to Wal-Mart in hopes of upgrading his cell phone and cupcakes. $200 early upgrade fee...no thank you!!!! So we got the cupcakes and ran. He thought he'd go check out the Net Books at Best Buy...they ran too slow so the poor guy didn't get anything for his birthday.....but these lovely cupcakes....

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