Monday, March 21, 2011


I have always wanted to try it so when I asked what all I needed not only did the gals at acharmingplace tell me what I needed Christine sent me everything I needed to try it. Thanks again!! Here are my first two pieces..messy and the poor solder iron....what in the world did I do to kill the tip??? Sorry I didn’t take better care of my wonderful gift Christine, guess I will be looking for more pointers. I was able to make a couple more pieces tonight that I will photograph tomorrow and share. I have a few other pieces in the works but they will have to wait until I get a new tip, this one is too rough to smooth the solder now . The Iron only hit the floor twice, Joseph said he was going to make me a net, he is such a good little helper. On the square piece I cut up a snowflake charm to sandwich between the glass. The round one is an epoxy bubble from Epiphany Crafts I thought the heat might melt it but it didn’t!!. Thanks for stopping by!


Christine Delgadillo said...

Joy, your two first pieces turned out lovely! Much better than mine which I could have used as a paperweight lol. Don't worry about burning out the soldering tip---that's why it was just a practice one for you to try out. You really need one with a rheostat so the tip stays a constant temperature and doesn't burn out.

wendyp said...

Joy, these turned out awesome!!! Can I just tell you how much I hate the soldering part. Love creating all the stuff to put inside. Love wrapping it with copper but then I get to soldering and the fun is all over, lol!

I keep a damp sponge near me when I'm soldering and wipe off the extra solder on it. Not sure its the best thing for the metal tip, but its what my teacher showed me when I took stained glass classes so I've just always done it.