Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flower Choker and Gift Box

For May Arts A Happy Accident Craft Challenge.

The crochet ribbon is perfect for the choker, just add ribbon crimps to the ends, jump rings, and a lobster claw.

To Make the flowers cut 6 pieces of ribbon, round and seal the edges, do a running stitch at the bottom and gather tightly.

For the end of the extension I painted the butterfly, added dots, and a tiny eyelet.

For the center of one flower I painted a vintage setting from Epiphany Crafts and added an Epoxy Bubble from their Shape Studio. On the other one I did a Korker ribbon for the center.

For the butterfly on the box I painted white dots and used wire to make an antennae.
Thanks for the fun challenge May Arts!

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Annette said...

wow awesome ribbon flower... Thanks for voting for my card on Mayarts... happy Crafting...