Friday, July 20, 2007


Looking forward to the weekend and reading Harry Potter!! At least that is the plan! I guess we will pick it up first thing in the morning since one of the boys is already out....just 50 more minutes until mid-night!!!?? FT could go all night long..I wish he was the one asleep!!
Early this month ScrapLovers ask me to be a "special sweetheart" so I HAD to scrap yesterday. It felt so good and made me so happy. I really need to find more time to do it. I also need to find more time to upload my photo a day. Sorry Valerie!! I have been snapping away but I don't feel like resizing right now so I am uploading what I made for SL.
This week has been interesting...last Sunday night poor FT got hit by David...not sure what happened but big brother was in the room, David had a BIG bottle of lotion and a "noise" was heard and FT screamed. I really didn't know even where he was hurting but then the next evening his cap feel off of his tooth!??? Poor babe!! I thought maybe it was the apple he just had but he told me that David threw lotion at him so that would explain the pop Michael heard. I called the dentist...DR and staff are NOT in this week!!?? My poor babe has to wait until next Thursday to have it looked at and it hurts!! He keeps chewing on his arm.

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