Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wow mid-week already!?

Last weekend was perfect!!! I scrapped and read the new Harry Potter book! Here is my favorite LO from the weekend and a picture from today..a Luna moth!! So perfect!! It was flopping around on the ground before it crawled up the tree so I suspect it just emerged from the pupa plus it was so perfect! I have never seen one without some sort of battle wound. Sadly FT kicked at it!!?? I think it will be OK I didn't notice any wing damage and it's body wasn't smashed. I told him it was a good bug so he said sorry. The picture of me was taken by him! No flash and lots of movement but it is still pretty cool!


Valerie said...

A budding photographer!

I've never seen a luna moth before, she's so neat!

TraceyB said...

Ditto. I have never seen one before either. Great Picture

HLHBC said...

OMG, I love his flying hair in the LO! And that moth is AWESOME! I love nature.
And very cool picture that FT took!