Saturday, August 11, 2007

Give me

My camera is no longer safe...he knows everywhere I put it. He took the car shot and in the other picture he is reaching for it.."give me that, me take picture of daddy." Oh noooooooo you don't!! I would have loved to but half the time he drops it and well I am sure the concrete would do it in. DH is under the van trying to figure out what the heck is going on...still no clue!? But the mouse nest was back bigger and better than ever! DH is sure it has chewed something up but he can't see anything. The last time he did put a bag of bait under the hood and it did have a little snack!!! Hopefully he won't be back but we still have to find out what isn't making all the right conections.


Valerie said...

FT neeeeeeds his own camera mama!

HLHBC said...

I knoooow how it is when they want to use the camera. Uhhh, no. Please!