Thursday, August 30, 2007

I am soooooooo EVIL!!!

I can not believe I did this! Yesterday morning when FT got the box of Zingers I just dumped them all out..three were left!!?? I gave one to him and hide the other two, I thought one for me and one for my sweetie. So the boys come home from school and Buggy Dude (AKA #3) wanted to know if he could have one.
me: no
BD: why not?
me: I threw the box away
BD: were they all gone!?
me: I look at him like that was a stupid question and repeat that I threw the box away.
BD: wants to know one more time ARE they really gone!?
me: I tell him to just look in the trash and he will see the empty box.
BD: gives up!!
My mom said I could never tell a lie that it was wrote all over my face, must still be that way today. But I didn't really lie...I did throw the box away! DH really enjoyed hiding and eating them with me. And no I did not feel one bit guilty..they have cookies, Rice Kripsy treats, Jell-O, and I am sure a few other thing to snack on.


Theresa Tyree said...

Too funny! We do the same thing at our house. Even considered putting a padlock on our cupboard door, then snapped back into reality and thought, "what would visitors think"? "would they report us to the child abuse hotline?" Ha ha ha!!!

Valerie said...

Hehehe sometimes mama needs a special treat too, it can't always be about the babes!