Thursday, October 16, 2008

All about Lunch

or lack of....this my friends is a mindless blog post but I am annoyed so I'll share...
I fix the kid lunch you would think he could pick it up on his way out but nooooooooo, I take them to school and come home to a lunchbox sitting in the floor. Hmmmmmmm do I rush it back up there!? I feel like I should but I don't really feel like dragging the toddler out again plus just maybe this will teach him to be a little more responsible!!!??? But really I can't stand the thought of my kid being hungry so I hope that DH will get home early enough to run it to him...and he does!!! Yippee Yay, he calls the school to confirm what time his lunch is...they have 20 whole minutes to get this to him before lunch even starts!! The secretary emails his teacher!!?? Isn't technology great..well, it would be if she checked her email in time. So there his lunchbox set...all through lunch....and during last period they call him over the intercom to come get his lunchbox. Oh yeah, isn't that great, why didn't they do that to begin with!!!?? His best buddy gave him a cheese stick so he wouldn't starve.

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Stampin' Meg said...

Don't you just hate that- or they tell you that they lost the lunch at school!!!