Sunday, January 4, 2009

Scrapping with FT

Bunny sent me these really fun Halloween stickers...on springs!! And some dimensional ones plus gel stickers... FT was excited..he wanted them!! He loves to stick things to himself and the door and these were too cool for that so I told him he could help me make a book. Christine had sent me these four really thick, cool, BIG, and black chipboard pieces in different shapes so I used the bind-it-all on them. So cool!! I am not sure why I thought the boy would listen and carefully put the stickers where I wanted started off well but then it quickly went downhill...he put the spider on the ladies head!!?? And he had to use each and every sticker on the sheet. Lots of stickers. It was fun!!!


Christine Delgadillo said...

FT is a GREAT helper! I know he is a pro at the Cricut machine too lol! Fabulous book Joy, and I'm so glad you enjoyed that "cool, thick, BIG, black chipboard" lol - I knew you'd put it to great use!
I should use your post as a "testimonial" if I ever get my online store up, I loved it!

Valerie said...

Heh what a little booger but now you have a fab mini album AND an adorable story :)

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