Monday, April 9, 2007

My picture for today is a boring one...CDs!!! I just learned how to back up my photos!! DH has been doing it and I kept telling him to show me is just easier for me to do it, he would always tell me. FINE!! If only he would do it when I wanted that would be great. Well, after a few months he finally was going to do it for me but when I told him how many he showed me how! It is just way too easy. So that is why I took a shot of them for my photo of the day.
And by request..a colorful hand photo!


HLHBC said...

I KNEW there was one! OMG! He's loving it! :D

And a VERY cool idea to take a shot of the CDs!

Christine said...

WLOL! What a great picture of those colorful hands!

And that's a lot of CDs - glad you have all those precious pictures backed up now :)

Leah said...

OH those hands are priceless!! and cd photo isnt boring! A) you learned something and they signify that and B) you have CD's - my boys are always taking mine when i need them! :)

Valerie said...

Bahahahaha that's priceless!!!