Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Today I met my Mom and one of my sisters at Dixie Cafe for lunch! So they are my photo of the is not very photogenic..we always laugh at the faces she this is just a "normal" photo not her looking all mad because she didn't get to go to Sizzlin! She had her DR appointment today and we were mean and didn't let her eat where she wanted to. My sister calls me while she is in with the DR....
Her: Do you think she will tell us were she wants to eat at?
Me: Yes, she will! Anytime I take her she wants Western Sizzlin
Her: Well, we HAD to eat there the other day so maybe she won't make us go there again.
Me: Oh good!! (really I have no idea why she loves it so really isn't that great)
Her: I really like Cracker Barrel or maybe Dixie.
Me: well, since you really like Cracker Barrel we will go there....
Second call Mom is out....
Her: She really wants to go to Sizzlin
Me: but you guys were just there the other day and you really wanted Cracker Barrel
Her: she doesn't like Cracker Barrel
Me: Really!!?? then we will go to Dixie.
Her: I don't know she really wants Sizzlin AGAIN
Me: Well, if we go there we can not go to Hobby Lobby. (They are on opposite sides of town and I had to be back in time to get the boys from school)
so we went to Dixie!! Oh a good note the chicken livers were the special of the day and she loves those so we didn't do too bad!
We had fun at Hobby Lobby (hey I just realized that is where I should have taken my photo of the day at...Oh well) I spent $4..2 trays of water colors for the Easter baskets, beading needles, and a KitKat for the little dude.


Christine said...

WLOL! oh what a cute "mom" story and the perfect picture to go with it. My sister and I tease my mom when we take her picture...she somehow manages to always close her eyes when we snap the shot. So we're always telling her, "open your eyes Mom! Open your eyes!" heehee

Sandra from NC said...

My mom always looks mad in her pictures too - lol.

HLHBC said...

Try doing something silly to Mom the next time you take a picture with her. Maybe kiss her on the cheek or have the photographer making a silly face like you do for little kids.
Oh, and where is the pic of the FT with Kit Kat all over his face and hands? :)

Valerie said...

Heehee I love the mom story :)