Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lovely Day

Mom called me last night and ask if I would meet them at the ranger station..yes!! Oh I was looking forward to stomping on old territory again, nice slow walk. Well, little miss Katie didn't want to stay with the rest of us so it was more like we ran the trail trying to keep up with her!!? When she got to the fork she waited to see which way to go....I told her we were going to go out or if she wanted to stay with the rest of us then we could go up to the pond. Not sure what her mommy thought of that but who knows who or what might be on the trail ahead and I was tired of worrying about it. It was really enjoyable after that! Watching the kids walk together..David was playing tag with Brandon, sweet little Claya was holding FT's hand and she helped him fill his pockets with pine cones!!! Hope to do it again soon!!!

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Leah said...

THAT IS SO CUTE!! LOVE shots like that!