Friday, October 5, 2007

Birthday Bash!

ScrapLovers is having a Birthday Bash this weekend and the blog challenge is to write about it! Well, you know I am going to scrap everyday this month so the mini tag challenge was just what I needed for today..something simple and quick because it was a busy fun day with not much time left to scrap!!??
I met two of my sisters at the craft fair...we didn't get to see it all because I had to leave early to pick the boys up from school but what we saw was amazing! So
many different art much love and happiness. One lady was telling a doll she was selling to be a good could tell she was almost sad to part with her. The buyer assured her she was going to have lots of love and fun! Cool painting, metal work, jewelry..just anything and everything! Aunt Jan bought FT the little tractor..he saw it last year and wanted it but he was just two then and it seemed a little rough around the edges for such a little guy. I got David a flute..didn't really see anything for the other two boys, so hard shopping for teens.


Tracey said...

Love that card. The saftey pin detail is really creative.

Valerie said...

Those little tractors are just too cute for words! I love craft and hobby fairs, the one place where we can let our passion for paper (or wood, or fabric or whatever) run free :)

Theresa Tyree said...

I LOVE the colors on that card! Did you buy YOURSELF anything at the craft fair? Did you see anything that inspired you?? Do tell!

What little toddler doesn't love a tractor or two or five? Hee hee!

Anonymous said...