Friday, May 11, 2007

If any day could be a perfect day

today was that day! I have been so stressed about the mess this house is in I finally gave up and called my mom and asked her if I paid her if she would come help me. She did!! She didn't want paid but she gets paid to do other people's houses so I told her she couldn't help if she didn't let me pay. So my floors are all mopped!!
Then DH brought home pizza for lunch!
I got my prize package from CreativeXpress talk about excited!!!! I have never came close to a guessing game so this was just too cool!!!
I sorted it all out while I waited on the big boys to get out of school and FT didn't even try to help??? WoW..I said the day was perfect...he was busy with a HotWheel that comes apart...we thought it broke but it really has a little latch that lets you take the top off and on that I discovered when he wanted it fixed so I showed it to him. Then if the boys fought on the way home I don't remember it!!! Oh now I remember they didn't because the one who likes to cause trouble had his mouth full of my Mother's day present. Real thoughtful!! Didn't even let me touch it or take a picture of it before he decided to have his fair share. Then he wanted to know if me and FT could share one so he could have another.Dinner at the shack and while we were out UPS brought my Mother's Day present..a PajamaGram!!!?? OK so I wasn't real thrilled and I feel like a butt but those are expensive!!! He said he used a coupon but I had to tell him just how cool I think it is. And really I do love them..just not the price!!! To finish off the perfect day I scrapped!!!


Valerie said...

I have no clue what a pajamagram is but the rest just sounds wonderful!

Sandra from NC said...

Wonderful day but what is a pajamagram?

Jeana said...

I don't know what a pajamagram is, either?
I wish your Mom would come help out with my house!
Your prize looks great! I like how they packaged it. Now you will have to alter that package ;)