Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday already!?

Wow! Time flies!! Here are my photos for the weekend..
Yesterday on the way home from town (he is still volentering at the libary) DS tells me it is the seniors last day tomorrow and he has four friends graduating and wanted to take them a little something so I made the totes from the march challenge at charmingplace for the 3 girls..the poor boy just got a card! After we got back I still had to feed the family and put stuff away so I didn't get started until around 10 at midnight I was still working away. I had bought some cute mini albums and mini paper pads long ago on sale so I tossed them in there...very funny that I had 3 on hand!!! I bought four but one of them I had torn into.

Oh Saturday DH mowed..DS had fun in the grass and he told me he had a green thumb!


Valerie said...

Your totes are so cute! (So is D, even if he's a naughty make his brohters late boy!)

Sandra from NC said...

the totes are adorable.