Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tomato Plants!!

Well, the morning was not the best...I wanted to get a photo of the totes I made late last night so I yelled to the boys that I would be out in the van, snapped my photo, got the toddler buckled in his car seat all ready to got on time when my oldest came out and told me that David fell back asleep. Oh me oh my....so by the time I got him up and out the door they were all three late. The tardy bell rang just as I dropped the big boys off, so then I had to go to the elementary building (it is on the same campus so it was a very short drive) he gets out of the van and spills his supply box all over the ground...maybe that will teach him to go to bed and stay there??
But the best part about my day is my dad went to the farm store and bought me tomato plants and some soil!! Oh how sweet is that!!!?? He doesn't get around very well at all and stays in bed as much as he can so this was just way too sweet!! I called him last night to see if he had any extra plants this year (he brought me some last year from the seeds he planted) and wanted to make sure he didn't before I went out and bought some...he didn't have any and I am just so thrilled that he did this for me!!!