Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My late Mother's Day outing!

5-20 First we got pizza to take to West Mountain. The big boys have always climbed on the rocks..that is what they were doing when FT wanted to go see what they were up to. Well, there is a little trail between the huge boulders and why I thought he would go up the center of that I have no idea..so I have his hand and get him started on the trail..it is not wide enough for two people side by side so I turned loose of his hand thinking he would follow the cute little path. NO he turned to the left and scaled right up the side..oh me oh my I had to tell brother to hurry up and rescue him! Then it was off to the gardens! I had a really wonderful day!!!


Valerie said...

No fear eh? Has to be just like his big brothers.

Leah said...

OH i love all these photos!!! great shots and looks like great family time!