Saturday, September 1, 2007

a bunch of rambling

BD received this ticket for doing well oh his benchmark for him but it makes me sad (more about that later), I tried to talk him into going to see Harry Potter but no such luck...he HAD to go see the Simpsons!!?? I am sorry but I just don't get them so DH got to go. I mean after all they sit here and laugh at them while I roll my eyes, so off they went. They enjoyed it! Huge tub of popcorn coated with yummy butter and fountain drinks that were good! How could that be? I always end up with one with too much syrup or water. Oh well I am jealous that they had yummy popcorn but I am happy they had a good time!
I dropped my perfect child off at the church and went to the rock shop with FT. That was fun!!! He has two crystals now! Amanda was working (I actually know her! She had been working for Xyron but they just laid off a bunch of people) she told him his pants were on backwards..oh yes they are but look a little closer at him so is his shirt and his shoes are on the wrong feet too. So big now and doesn't need any help!! Most of the time with his shoes he will change them around but other days no way! I was going to take a picture of him when we got home but he striped as soon as we walked in the door.
I hate that this photo is blurry but you can see how happy FT is! He found out the phone has a camera on it....the cat went to hide in the closet.

The Piggy Tales DT is up! I didn't make the team, no surprise there but sometimes you don't mind loosing! I googled all the winners and turned up galleries for most of them but one, Teresa Tyree has a blog and she posted her entry yesterday and it truly ROCKS!

Now about the sad part every year they have an assembly and the kids who did well on the test get to sit in the middle and they call them up one by one to get their little prize. Yay for them!!! But it just makes me sick the first year I went I was all proud but after being there it was almost like a guilt trip for the rest of the kids..they actually said "do good next year and you can be in the middle!" Whose fault is it that they didn't score well!? I am sure they did the best they could so why taunt them this way?

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Theresa Tyree said...

Hi Joy!

I can't get over that head of red curls! I was so hoping that Connor would have red hair since my DH is a redhead but no such luck. I guess the red curls went to your family instead. Hee hee!

How sweet of you to call me out on your blog! You're the bestest!

By the way- my kids were always the ones sitting on the "outside" of the circle. Be proud of your sons accomplishments! I think they do that to try to motivate the others to do better. Who knows.