Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day!

Today was perfect, I didn't go anywhere plus I played with my new dies!
The cd drive broke last night..did FT have anything to do with it you might ask!!?? Well, honestly I don't know he was right there when it happened but so was I!!?? He popped his game in and it popped right back out..over and over and over again!!?? So all last night the thing was just sticking out like a sore thumb. Since he was going into town and Hobby Lobby isn't far from Office Depot I printed out the die set I wanted, even showed him what the pack of dies would look like, told him exactly where to find them..he calls WHERE DID YOU SAY THIS WAS AT, I am over by the bathroom!!!?? Anyway, he was looking for the color..hello sweetie that is why I showed you exactly what the package of dies looked like before you I was going to draw you a map but you said you knew where you were going and if you had listened you would not be over by the have gone too far. So anyway he did find it!!! Mutt went with him so he could buy some books and they brought home Pizza Hut so I didn't have to cook lunch..see told you it was a perfect day!

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HLHBC said...

LOL on DH not being able to find it! Hope you are still enjoying your new dies! :)